Kelly Anne Asked: I love One Direction, but I don’t understand some of the inside jokes?

I am a HUGE One Direction fan. But people always talk about these inside jokes with them that I don’t completely understand. I’ll list them, please help me understand what they mean and where they came from!

Loving cats, eating Nando’s, hating spoons, Watching Toy Story, and looking in mirrors. Oh and Liam’s cupboard.

Please explain all of these to me, they were in one of my friends tweets, which was:#ThankYouOneDirection for making me love cats, eat carrots, crave Nando’s, hate spoons, watch Toy Story, and look in mirrors. Love you!

Also, is Nandos a food? A restaurant? I’m a U.S. Diretioner and I never heard of it. If these jokes started or were in any interviews, please tell me which interviews they came from. Thanks!<3

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