Job Interview Answers that Employers Love to Hear

Want to know the secret to giving job interview answers that employers always love? Often interviewers ask questions of potential candidates that seem designed to make them squirm. Contrary to popular belief, these interviewers are not doing this for their own sadistic pleasure.

In seeking these job interview answers, they are genuinely interested in seeing how the candidate reacts when confronted with challenging situations like those that they are likely to be encountered in the position that needs to be filled. Hence the following direct or implied job interview questions:
Question: “I’m just not sure you would be a good fit for this business.”

This is not the time to meekly agree with the interviewer, unless you really do not want the position. An interviewer making this statement is actually inviting the candidate to give him the job interview answers that prove he is the perfect candidate for the position being discussed. This is where a little bit of confidence and advance research into what the company does, can really lead to fully prepared job interview answers that will really pay off for a candidate. The key to acing this difficult question is in selling to the interviewer the benefits his company will receive as a result of bringing the job seeker onto the team.
Question: “Tell me about a time you’ve made a mistake in the past.”

One of the worst possible job interview answers a potential candidate can give to this statement is “I have not made any mistakes!”. Everyone makes mistakes and the interviewer is as aware of that as the candidate. Perfection is not expected, but the job interview answers that this employer is looking for will show whether the candidate is aware of his own mistakes and tries hard to correct them, seeking help when he needs it.
Question: “Why have you been unemployed for so long?”

Although this is not a trick question, the candidate had better be prepared to show the interviewer that he has not been resting on his laurels while unemployed. Job interview answers to this question should also be prepared in advance, explaining honestly whatever situation has resulted in extended unemployment. Interviewers do understand that sometimes it takes time to find a new job after leaving an old one and despite the tone of this question it doesn’t mean that they think the job seeker is unhireable. Interviewers will give credit for job interview answers that are honest and straight forward.

Prepare your job interview answers beforehand

Job seekers should come to the meeting prepared to answer difficult job interview questions like these. It’s easy to prepare for questions that show off skills and experience, but more difficult to answer confidently when confronted with this type of tough question. Giving the potential employer the job interview answers he’s looking for will increase your chances of securing that employment!

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