David L Asked: Why does the media not speak to Ron Paul after a debate?

I’ve been watching the republican debates in south carolina and I have noticed afterward they interview each canidate except for Ron Paul. Do they not a cnosier him a candidate? Shouldn’t every candidate be treated equally no matter what in media coverage. And who’s decision is it to decide which candidate is more newsworthy.shouldn’t the media be less biased. But, ultimatley I want the Topic question answered. Is it possible he doesn’t even want to talk to them?

Robert Answered:
Because for some reason no ones tends to take Ron Paul seriously. Though he is probably the best choice president. I don’t understand why either, its ridiculous

shamow Answered:
I know! The media never talks about ron paul and when they do, its just to say he stupid. they scared yo. but… its a government conspiracy :0

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